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7 Steps to Overcoming Rejection

You WILL Be REJECTED! Take a moment and say this out loud. ” I will be rejected and I’m okay with it!”

Rejection destroys dreams and careers. Everyone is effected by rejection. No one likes it and there isn’t much we can do about it. However, we can learn from it! Here are a few tips to help you at least get through it!

1) Accepting the word NO.

Don’t get emotional when you hear the word “NO” or “I’m not interested”. Remember, they are not saying no to you, they are saying no to your offer. Don’t take it personally. Sometimes the ideal no means, not at this moment or it’s not the right timing. They may simply need more information or further education. When you hear NO, ask them if it would be okay to connect with them at a later date to see if the timing would be better. Or offer to send them more information to make that education decision. Keep in mind it can take up to 5-7 connections for some people to make a decision. You may find that NO could turn into a YES!

2) Find out what they don’t like.

When someone says no, find out what they are specifically rejecting. Most people assume the rejection is about everything they are being offered. It may just be a small part of what they don’t like. Break it down and get clarification on why they are saying no to your offer. Often times the objections are time, money or family. “What’s holding you back? What questions do you have?”-let them tell you, then offer them another solution or tool to better understand.

3) Use rejection as a way to improve your skills

Start viewing rejection as a tool to refine your strengths and bring attention to your weaknesses. Once you have identified what you may be doing wrong, start doing it different! You may find the rejection you are getting is not really coming from them, it’s you that is creating doubt and insecurity in the conversation. People can tell right away if we are sincere or not. They are not going to “buy into” your offer if they don’t trust you. Sales start with trust. Your initial goal should be service, not selfish desires or needs. We all have a goal, be it money, time freedom, better health. Find out what they really need or want and I promise you, the NO will become more YES.

7) Get good at closing.

The best way to handle rejection is to not let it happen! There is a list of objections a mile long. Most salespeople never get great at closing. They don’t like rejection, therefore they quit! They don’t even try to find out how to handle it. There are fantastic resources out there that will help you with overcoming objections.

Now get out there & do it!