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IsaLean Shake: A Complete Ingredient-by-Ingredient Breakdown

At the core of any Isagenix System is IsaLean® Shake. What is IsaLean Shake? Its chief function is to serve as a nutritious meal replacement. With a proper balance of protein, good fats, and low-glycemic carbohydrates, along with a full spectrum of vitamins and minerals, IsaLean Shake takes all of the guesswork out of proper weight management and muscle maintenance. When trying to lose weight, maintain a healthy weight, or simply lead a healthy lifestyle, having a delicious meal that can easily be consumed on the go is key. Unfortunately, many of the options on the market today are essentially comprised of protein, artificial sweeteners, and vitamins. Without the proper balance of macro- and micronutrients, a meal replacement will not be able to do its primary job—nutritionally take the place […]

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Are you applying your products in the right order?

The key to skin-care is understanding which ingredients work best together and the order they should be applied. Step One Water-Based Products Things like toners and essences should be applied to clean skin first, using a cotton pad. Step Two Serums Because they’re the closest things to water, serums go on next (or on clean skin if you don’t use toner). Step Three Gels A mix of water and oil, moisturizing gels should be applied as the third step in your skin-care routine. Step Four Creams and Lotions These products have the thickets consistency, so they need the most time to absorb into skin. Want to Get Ready for a Close-Up? We’ve Got the Pak for That! The Isagenix Rejuvity® Skincare System combines nature and science for the ultimate experience […]

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Fight Back Against Muscle Loss

Beginning around age 30, we begin to lose muscle and gain body fat every year. Specifically, age-related muscle loss occurs at an average rate of three to five percent per decade between the ages of 30 and 60 and accelerates significantly after age 60 (1). This is a serious concern since abnormally low muscle mass, know as sarcopenia, is linked to loss of strength and mobility, culminating in unhealthy aging and frailty. The good news is that no matter your age, you can take steps to improve your muscle health. Both good nutrition and regular exercise are essential to maintaining muscle mass over time. If you want to give your muscles the best support, these are three steps you can take today to boost your muscles now and in the […]

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Four Ingredients for a Strong Heart

Your heart does more physical work than any other muscle in your body—you can’t live without it. But because it’s not visible to the naked eye, it’s often a muscle that is forgotten or neglected. How often do you think about what you can do to keep your heart strong and healthy? Besides engaging in regular exercise, eating a nutritious diet, and adopting a healthy lifestyle—such as avoiding smoking and limiting alcohol use—your heart could also use additional support from ingredients found in Isagenix Ageless Actives™. Here’s a breakdown of the individual ingredients in Ageless Actives and how they contribute to the formula that makes it a specialized product to support your heart: CoQ10 Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is an antioxidant that’s naturally made in the body, found in every cell, […]

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Eat More Protein, Sleep Better, Burn More Fat

Having a hard time falling asleep on some or most nights? It could be affecting your weight. But new research suggests that eating more protein while reducing your calories can improve sleep while helping you achieve greater fat loss (1). How well people sleep each night has recently been a target of research because it’s thought to be an indicator of whether or not they are successful in losing weight. Now new research from scientists at Purdue University suggests that getting more protein each day while reducing calories may be key to sound sleep and greater fat burning. Previous research had already established that higher protein intake leads to preserving lean body mass in those looking to shed extra weight (2). Quality of sleep had also been a determining factor in fat-loss […]

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Peanut Butter/Berry Vegan Delight Shake

3/4 cup frozen triple berry blend 1 dairy free Natural Berry Harvest Isalean Shake® 2 Tbs powdered peanut butter 8 oz water Blend in IsaBlender® and enjoy! Share

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Should You Cleanse One or Two Days Per Week?

Nutritional cleansing with Isagenix can be adapted to fit anyone’s goals and personal needs. Since you have the option to choose one or two Cleanse Days per week as part of an Isagenix 30-Day Cleansing and Fat Burning System, it’s common to wonder whether one or two Cleanse Days will be more beneficial. The answer: There’s no single perfect way to cleanse. You can get great benefits with whichever option you choose. However, there are some important guidelines (see the System Guide for Weight-Loss) to help you get the most out of your Cleanse Days. The Stages of Cleansing Cleanse Days with Isagenix are based on a concept that scientists refer to as intermittent fasting and involves either one or two days each week where you’ll abstain from most food. […]

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Friends Don’t Let Friends Cleanse Alone!

One Day to Celebrate Cleansing is an important component of achieving results with the Isagenix Systems. Cleanse for Life® is a botanical-rich concentrate that gives your body the nutritional support it needs every day, including on Cleanse Days. Friends Don’t Let Friends Cleanse Without… Be sure to stock up now so you’ll have all the products you need to succeed on Global Cleanse Day and beyond. Did you know that Isagenix Coffee is approved for Cleanse Days? Isagenix Coffee is a great way to start your day—especially your Cleanse Days—that’s why now through March 13, we’re offering a special deal. When you buy one pack of seven 1.75-ounce bags of Isagenix Coffee (Premium or USDA-Certified Organic), you’ll get the second pack half off!* And that’s not all! If someone new is […]

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