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Recharge Your Health with “Spring Cleansing”

We are all familiar with spring cleaning—the part of the year when we traditionally set aside time to clean the house or the yard. During this time, we should also remember our bodies. When I’m asked about the best time to cleanse your body, my answer is generally, “As soon as your body starts to feel poorly.” The human body can give you clues for making good nutritional decisions, and listening closely to it is a great step toward being in charge of your health. Listen to your body and act according to the feedback you receive. If your body warns that it has put on a few pounds over the last couple of months, is lacking in energy, is feeling sluggish, or if your brain warns that it’s in […]

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Choose Your Way to Cleanse with Cleanse for Life

Few products come close to the nutritional profile of Cleanse for Life®—an herbal drink formulated to nourish the body and support its natural detoxification systems. While the body has pathways to remove toxins from the body, just like any machine, it can become overloaded. The combination of ingredients in Cleanse for Life works synergistically to support the body’s detoxification pathways and help them work more efficiently. Three phases of detoxification occur within the body to metabolize fat-soluble toxins into less toxic compounds that can safely be removed from the body. Each of these phases requires certain enzymes and bioactive nutrients to do their job (1,2). Think of it like this: In order for you to drive to work, you need to safely pass through intersections. Stoplights and signs assist you in […]

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Get Into Summer Shape with Piña Coladas

If you like Piña Colada…… Then you’ll LOVE our new Seasonal Shake! Spring is upon us, and so is the most delicious shake of the season! With a balanced blend of pineapple and coconut, this creamy, tropical Piña Colada IsaLean® Shake is a perfect 240-calorie meal replacement to enjoy this spring. Piña Colada IsaLean Shake is a new seasonal flavor, available NOW for a limited time. Get yours today! Piña Colada IsaLean Shake is only available in the U.S. and Canada for wholesale, individual purchases. Because of the limited availability, it will not be available for Autoship nor will it be available as part of an Isagenix System or Pak. Each canister is US$39.95 and CA$44.95 To allow as many customers as possible the opportunity to enjoy Piña Colada IsaLean Shake, there […]

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Overnight Oatmeal

Ingredients: 5 oz. plain Greek Yogurt 1/4 cup IsaCrunch® 1/4 cup old fashioned or quick cooking oats 1 teaspoon chia seeds stir-ins such as fruit   Directions: 1. In container with tight-fitting cover, mix yogurt oats and chia seeds. Add desired sitr-ins. 2. Cover; refrigerate at least 8 hours but no longer than 3 days before eating. 3. ENJOY!   ~If you would like to add flavor such as vanilla, chocolate, or strawberry, mix in one scoop of an IsaLean® Shake of your choosing! Share

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Be Free to Indulge the Right Way

In a recent survey of more than 2,000 U.S. adults, researchers found that 15 percent of the people surveyed listed pizza as their all-time favorite food. Ice cream and chocolate came in second place, each getting 7 percent of the votes. Rounding out the top five was mac and cheese with 5 percent of the votes, and chips with 4 percent. These comfort foods aren’t all that surprising, given our apparent obsession with sugar, fat, salt, and refined carbohydrates. It’s this obsession that’s likely helped contribute to the millions of adults who are overweight or obese. In light of this, researchers are starting to look at this relationship between our favorite comfort foods and health. These highly processed foods that are high-glycemic and rich in fat are usually to blame […]

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6 Fruits + Vegetables That Give You Better Skin

Want to look beautiful? Try these foods that make your skin glow! The secret to healthier skin is not in your medicine cabinet, it’s in your diet! Rather than lathering your skin with creams, lotions, and concoctions that take ingredients that are hard to find, why not add a natural glow by what you eat? Now don’t get me wrong, I love my daily routine of all-natural, anti-aging Rejuvity® products, but eating food that help my skin radiate is much more enjoyable! Blueberries This low-profile berry was ranked #1 in antioxidant activity by the U.S. Department of Agriculture compared to 40 common fruits and vegetables. The antioxidants in blueberries protects you from premature aging. So don’t forget to add 1/4 cup to your yogurt, cereal, protein shakes, or oatmeal every day! […]

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Spicy Chickpeas

2 (15-ounce) cans chickpeas, rinsed and dried 2 tablespoons olive oil 2 teaspoon ground cumin 1 teaspoon chili powder 1 teaspoon cayenne pepper Mix the spices and olive oil together in a large bowl; add in chickpeas and toss together.  Place mixture in a single layer on a parchment covered baking sheet.  Bake at 400 degrees for 30 minutes. Take out and let the chickpeas cool.  Place in the oven for another 15 minutes.  Let the chickpeas cool and enjoy! Share

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Breakfast Banana Bites

(2 bananas makes 4 pops) bananas (Or try this idea with strawberries, pineapple, etc.) yogurt of choice (Wholesoy, Almond Dream, Silk, etc.) granola of choice, or crushed cookies or IsaCrunch add-on ideas: chopped IsaDelights, coconut shreds, cinnamon sugar, raisins, etc. popsicle sticks or silverware to insert in the bananas Procedure: Pour granola into a very shallow dish or plate. Peel bananas, cut in half, and insert popsicle sticks. Dip into yogurt (or coat with a knife), then roll into granola and add-ons. Place on a parchment or wax-lined tray and freeze. Keep uneaten pops in the freezer.   Share

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