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Rediscover a True Classic

If I was to recommend a book to someone who had been struggling with life, be it relationships, career or finances. It would be The Science of Getting Rich. Having read the book several times now, including having it on my IPod, I completely understand why its popularity is growing so much. I am a “self-help” junkie! Anything that moves me in the direction of success, accomplishments and inner healing, is on my book shelf (or in today’s times – on my IPad). I have read many, and they are all fabulous, but as I look back on all I have studied and compare them with this small book, I have to say that “The Science of Getting Rich” is superior in many respects. The information and explanation he gives […]

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The Process. The Objective. Your Path

After 25 years of sales I have come to realize this business is different. It has been a new process for me to adjust to from my traditional ways. I have to realize that real needs of people are dealt with quite differently than what I have been used to and how I have been trained. One thing that sticks in my mind is when you help a person through the process of discovery, you allow them to see themselves where they are more clearly. You empower them to see their situation in the present. They can then decide if they want to stay there or take action and change to move forward. If it’s uncomfortable, it reinforces why they are where they are, and that changing will have more significance to them. […]

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