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Money Making Habits

In order to become a self-made millionaire you need million-dollar habits. Very few people have the ability to stay focused on what they want. Many people lack self discipline. Your habits define who you are. What kind of habits do you have? Do you exercise and eat right? Do you take care of yourself? Do you do something every day to build your business? Let’s look at the habits that make you money. P is for PROSPECTING Every single day you want to be connecting with someone E is for ENROLLING This refers to enrolling new members for you and your team. Enrolling also includes bringing in new customers. T is for TRAINING Train yourself and train your people. Don’t make the drastic mistake of spending too much time training […]

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Stay the Course

I love this one! Too many times people try to take us off course because their negativity and inability to see into the future. Always wanting to drag us into their environment. Well I’m here to tell you STOP THE MADNESS! Don’t let them do it anymore! If there are negative people in your life who don’t support you in your dreams, find new people to hang around with. If it’s your family members, tell them how you feel. Let positivity flow from you so that when you are around them, they too become more positive! Hang On and Hold Tight to your Dreams! To your success! Amy

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Find Your Why

This is so true! Let’s look deeper into the meaning of Passion. A strong and barely controllable emotion. When you look deeper into the reason WHY you do what you do for a living, you’ll open up that door to the passion. Do you find yourself passionate for it? Some of the jobs we have are everyday, ho-hum “responsibilities” that we find ourselves doing because we need to pay our bills. But what about what burns inside of us. Have you ever wanted to do something or be something that just gives you goose bumps when you think about it? I challenge you to dig deep into the reason why you do what you do. Find that purpose, the cause or the belief. What we choose to do every day […]

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That “Ah Ha” Moment

What an amazing 3 days I just had spending time with one of my best friends of 13 years, 2 new friends that joined my life this year and re-connecting with some of the most amazing women who have entered in my life due to one simple choice I made! I have been so blessed to have so many wonderful people in my life all because I said YES! Who would have known, almost 3 years later and here I am still as excited as the day that brown box arrived at my front door! It seems just like yesterday that I decided to make a commitment to change my life. Here I thought I was just looking to get rid of my stubborn fat and I come to find […]

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Rediscover a True Classic

If I was to recommend a book to someone who had been struggling with life, be it relationships, career or finances. It would be The Science of Getting Rich. Having read the book several times now, including having it on my IPod, I completely understand why its popularity is growing so much. I am a “self-help” junkie! Anything that moves me in the direction of success, accomplishments and inner healing, is on my book shelf (or in today’s times – on my IPad). I have read many, and they are all fabulous, but as I look back on all I have studied and compare them with this small book, I have to say that “The Science of Getting Rich” is superior in many respects. The information and explanation he gives […]

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The Process. The Objective. Your Path

After 25 years of sales I have come to realize this business is different. It has been a new process for me to adjust to from my traditional ways. I have to realize that real needs of people are dealt with quite differently than what I have been used to and how I have been trained. One thing that sticks in my mind is when you help a person through the process of discovery, you allow them to see themselves where they are more clearly. You empower them to see their situation in the present. They can then decide if they want to stay there or take action and change to move forward. If it’s uncomfortable, it reinforces why they are where they are, and that changing will have more significance to them. […]

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