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When Runners Struggle to Lose Weight

One of the main reasons people start running is to lose weight. But too often for a variety of reasons they’re unable to shed the unwanted pounds. If you’re looking to make running work for you, there are a few steps you can take based on scientific research to help ensure you get results. This “runner’s conundrum,” as it’s often called, has a lot to do with the fact that runners generally overestimate how many calories they burn (1). They spend long hours and endless miles thinking they’ve burned up a ton of calories, yet don’t realize that the running itself doesn’t burn that much. Then, they follow that up with overeating – and underestimating how many calories they’ve eaten. But through practices such as upping exercise intensity, practicing mindful […]

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The Dreaded Plateau When Dieting!

Do you think you’re eating healthy, but can’t seem to drop pounds? Research nutritionist Katie Coles is here to help. In this podcast, gain tips on how to achieve successful, lasting weight loss, Topics discussed include: Why monitoring calorie intake is vital The importance of where your calories come from (protein, carbohydrates, and fats) How supplements, including those from Isagenix, fit into weight-loss plans Rather than seeing a weight-loss plateau as a road block, think of it as a small hill. Follow these tips to get over the hump and back on track with your goals.  PODCAST: Weight Loss 101 Ready to make a change in your Weight Loss Journey? See how the 30 Day Cleansing & Fat-Burning System can make the difference & break that dreaded plateau!!

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