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Amy Lund 
Wife, mother of 3, success coach. I am a full-time entrepreneur who loves to help people! My passion is leading others to success by training, mentoring and assisting those who to better health and wealth.


Our Mission
We believe everyone deserves to have more time, more health and more security. To share with others a way to reach their goals and building a team of leaders who have vision, passion and purpose.


Our Products 
We stand for great health. High-quality ingredients that are pure, potent and health promoting. Never compromising on safety. Product quality and your health is the highest priority.


Our Services
Meeting you where you are.  Providing excellent customer service, matching up the right products with your desired needs. If financial freedom is what you’re interested in, we’ve got that covered too.


Our Commitment
We are dedicated to the cause. Our team of leaders have made life-changing decisions to improve our health and those of others. We have committed our lives to assisting those toward time & financial freedom.


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We’re right at your side, there’s no limit to what you can accomplish. Every great journey begins with a single step. Join us today and take a step towards making a difference in your life and the lives of others.

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Amy Lund 

I’m Living My Dream Life and You Can Too!

Meet Amy Lund, Team Leader of The Dynamic Duplicators 

I am a real estate agent by trade. While I love selling homes, I always felt as if something was missing from my life. It was in 2011 when I realized I allowed myself and my health to get out of control. I was over-weight, over-worked, over-stressed and over-tired! My best friend called me up and shared her amazing results of releasing *10 pounds and 2 dress sizes in just 30 short days. I was so impressed with what I heard I instantly placed my order!

In a very short amount of time people started to notice a difference in me. They asked what I was doing & why I was looking so great. I shared with them how nutritional cleansing was changing my life. I went to lose *25 pounds and 25 inches in only 90 days.

I started my home based business like most people -part-time. With no previous experience in network marketing at all. The more I shared our products and the story of our business, the more people began to join me. Once I supported and encouraged others to do the same, that “thing” that was missing was showing up. I was helping others achieve a level of success that was changing their lives. I was witnessing transformations and joy was filling my heart. The more committed I was and the stronger my belief became. I had caught the vision.

Now my life has completely transformed. Not only physically but internally. I not only balance my life selling homes, I get the joy and fulfillment of helping others! And the best part, the amazing people I met along the way! I now surround myself with others who also want to improve their lives, have goals, visions and are focused on their passions and dreams. It is truly a blessing.

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