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People Are Predictable


It wasn’t until this year that I came to realize what this really meant. The mass majority of the people in this world will disappoint you. It’s better to accept this concept now, rather than allow it to effect you later. Once you grasp this reality, you won’t find yourself falling victim to the feelings that could slow you down from reaching your own goals in life.

My expectations of people we’re always too high. No matter what the situation, the pattern never changed. I help, I support, I teach, and I expected them to get it. They say they do, but they don’t. So you send them out to be who they desire to be and they fail. Not because of you, but because of themselves. They give up. They give up too soon, and way too often.

Let’s take my Network Marketing business as an example. The company I am part of is a solution based company. We offer solutions for health, youthful-aging, and wealth creation. The 3 most commonly sought for items on this planet. It’s my job to find out what areas of their life they are struggling in, how long, and how bad they want to change. We give them options to choose from and they decide. They jump in, get excited and are ready to rock their world! Naturally, so do we! We’re doing what we love to do, right? We’re helping people!

Reality kicks in. People most commonly chose our products for weight loss and come to see our income opportunity as a way to get their products paid for. They get excited about it, ready to take on this new lifestyle and willing to do what it takes to make this happen. They begin the program, start to see results, share it with a few people, but nobody joins them. Their food intake is changing, they find it hard to resist temptation of unhealthy foods, they mess up and so the pattern goes. It’s not very long those feelings of excitement begin to change. Suddenly, they find themselves fighting those anxious feelings of “what if”. Otherwise known as Fear.  Fear of failure, fear of what people will think, fear of not being able to stick with it, fear they made a poor decision, and most of all fear of change.

Why is this? Because our unconscious minds don’t want to change. It’s familiar, it’s comfortable, and we’ve been in that state of struggle for so long, it’s all we know. So we stay stuck. Stuck in our misery and stuck in disappointment. Change is not easy. Change takes time, commitment and dedication to the cause. We say we want to do it. We tell ourselves, our friends and our family that we’re going to do it. We post inspiring messages on our social media that we’re going to do it, but very little happens. Why? Because change contradicts our struggle. 

What happens next? They quit…..and we take it personal. As a representative of our company we feel an obligation to serve others. We do all that we can do to help them. But if they are not willing to resist the unconscious mind and fight the fear of change, there is nothing we can do. Change is challenging. We’ve all fallen short in someway or another. But the most important thing we can do is realize it’s not our fault. You can’t allow the actions of others to determine how you are going to feel. People want a quick fix. That easy path to success. They want it fast and they want it now. We live in a world of instant gratification. So the excuses set in and the blame begins.

Step outside of these feelings. Don’t allow yourself to feel responsible for their decision. Don’t get offended if they say the products are not working or nobody is interested in what we have to offer. Don’t receive their reasoning that they blame you for their failure. Get past the fact that if people don’t make it, that’s okay. It wasn’t you, it was them. If you did all that you could do to help them, showed them the areas they need to develop, and guided them on a journey to personal development in order for them to fight the feelings of fear and anxiety, then you’ve done all that you can do.

Continue to press in. As entrepreneurs, we learn to keep moving forward despite what people will do. When we come to understand the predictability of others and not allow ourselves to slow down because of that, we prevail. But if you allow yourself to become disappointed in others, then you too fall victim to fear yourself. This causes you to begin to doubt your own cause, question if you’re even helping at all, and begin to beat yourself up because they didn’t stick to it.

I have come to realize this…there are far less people in this world like me than there are others. I am set apart from the normal, because I chose to be. So rather attract those that will disappointment me, I chose to attract those that are like-minded. I seek out those who I want in my life. I become who I want to attract. Those who will overcome fear, those who are filled with motivation, drive and ambition. Those who know obstacles will come with change. Those willing to do what it takes to meet their goals and dig deeper into WHY they want it so bad. I stick to it, and I don’t give up.

It’s never to late to become the person you are capable of being. 

One of the first steps in overcoming fear is to understand the power of cause and effect. What event in your life is holding you back from becoming the person you desire to be. In my Result Driven Women 12-Week Coaching Program, I show how to think differently about your life, how to let go of the past that keeps you stuck, how to dream big, make your dreams come true, and how to build a structure in your business that will create huge results.



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