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Success Through Organization

2-road-signs-success-points-one-way-failure-points-the-otherOne of my favorite things to do is Get Organized!

I know what you’re thinking, “Is she crazy?”…. Well, think about it. Don’t you feel good once something you’ve been working on is complete? You get that sense of relief knowing you have achieved yet another task off that never ending ‘TO DO” list!

Happiness and Joy is the buildup of positive energy we experience when we accomplish something. It gives us power, motivation and confidence to achieve things that otherwise seem too difficult to attempt. If you create a habit of preparation, you’ll be pleasantly surprised how much you’ll get done in short amount of time. Thus, allowing you to savor those free moments you strive for and being able to do what and be with those that matter the most.

Make It A Weekly Ritual

You need to know where you’re going in order to get there. Having 3 businesses, an active 8 year old, and a handful of things to do in between, if I don’t have a plan, things get out of control! One of the biggest mis-conceptions in business is thinking you can WING IT. You can’t!!! I create a plan for my my week on Sunday afternoon. I grab some relaxing tea, my planner, and my “TO DO” list. This is a ritual for me. It’s also important to carve out this time to be alone. Distractions can take away the power to tap into your inner resources and knowledge to also think about what you want for your future.

Manifest Success with these 7-Simple Steps 

1) BRAIN DUMP. Think about what needs done this week and write it down. Dump your brain. Get it all out even if it doesn’t have to be done this week. If the end of the week comes and you didn’t get it done, move it to the next weeks list.

2) LOOK BACK. You’ve got your list, now look back at it again. Are the things on your list full of items that are not related to your business? Are you filling your “TO DO” list with “shiny object” distractions? It’s time to clear out the things that can be done in your “free time” hour. The main purpose of organizing your day is to be filling your time with Income Producing Activities.

3) DELEGATE.  Time to see who can assist you with the list. Are there things the kids can do, your partner, your assistant, team members, anyone else that can help with these tasks. You’d be surprised how much time you create by allowing someone else to take over these tasks!

4) PRIORITIZE.  Time to write out the 3 Essential Goals that will make the biggest difference to achieving your ONE BIG GOAL. Keep in mind when you set your goals for the year, you should keep them small and achievable. Setting goals too large will overwhelm you and keep you procrastinating. This could be daily, weekly, and monthly. So if your goal this week was to enroll one new person in your business, then focus on what activities you need to do to achieve that goal.

5) FOCUS. Everyone has a million things to do and it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Study these 3 Essential Goals and identify the one that is going to be the game-changer. This could be reaching out to 3 people a day, scheduling your social media posts in advance, setting a face to face appointment with your hottest prospect over a cup of coffee. Now circle the one that will make a real difference and focus on doing that one first!

6) CHECK-IN. Did you know that when you write your goals down, create action commitments and have a weekly progress of doing so, you are 76% more likely to achieve your goals! Get out the post-it notes and start pasting those babies all over the house! Visual, written, and verbal repetition embedded in your mind solidifies what you want and keeps you focused and driven to achieve them.

7) SAVOR. Yep, the reason why we’re all doing what we’re doing. What will you enjoy this week? Will you take your kiddos to the park? Date night with your honey? That relaxing massage you oh so deserve!! Whatever that looks like for you, make sure you organize your week around it! Let’s never forget to create balance in our lives. There’s a time for work and there’s always time for play!

When you make a date with yourself to plan out the week, it’s astounding how productive you’ll become and how much time you save by honoring that schedule. Crating a new routine in your life that produces results will not only show up in your pocket book, but in the confidence you’ll have in yourself and the emotions that keep you excited about your goals!

If you are ready to Get Organized and are serious about Building a Successful Isagenix Business, then it’s time we talk. I would love to find out more about your goals, your dreams and your aspirations in life!

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